Business Constellations offer an opportunity to experience and influence the natural balancing forces which impact leaders, teams, business units and whole organisational systems. Through facilitated workshop and coaching interventions we work to illuminate current issues, resolve complexity, find new resources and build lasting resolutions. Organisational constellations and systemic coaching are a particularly effective way of working towards organisational effectivness when the source of the issue is not clear, where previous attempts to change have not endured or where there is a sense of stuckness at the individual, team and/or organisational level. The kinds of issues which business constellation workshops and systemic executive coaching can be particularly effective for illuminating and clarifying include:


     Leadership and team issues                     Organisational health issues                         Consulting issues

1. Introductory workshops

Our single-day open workshops attract a mix of leaders, consultants and executive coaches from many industry sectors. These regular workshops provide an opportunity to experience the constellations methodology in a range of contexts illuminating the forces which influence systems. The group, of around twenty people, works on live and pressing issues brought by the participants in a confidential environment. There is also time for questions and discussion of the underlying principles and practices that build and sustain organisational health and effectiveness. The workshops provide a good way of observing and experiencing the work in practice and gauging if you would like to explore applying the approach in your organisational, team or leadership development. For the latest schedule of open workshops please see the workshop schedule page.

2. Bespoke in-house issue workshops

Corporate ¡®issue workshops¡¯ are those for a single client organisation or team. Following a briefing and agreement on the organisational context and issues, the workshop is facilitated to diagnose, illuminate or resolve complex issues in the team or business unit and wider system. These workshops can be internally focused, on internal dynamics and relationship structures and/or externally focused on customer, partner or supplier relationship systems. Bespoke workshops can be organised within the company premises or off-site in a neutral venue as required. Depending on context some teaching and exploration of systemic dynamics can also be included.

3. Organisational health and systemic leadership workshops

These are one, two or three day off-site workshop programmes, for cross-functional, multi-team members from one commissioning business, exploring issues of organisational health and systemic leadership through a mix of exercises and whole group constellations illuminating current issues and building system awareness for this particular business. The principles and practices of organisational health in large and complex systems are shared and experienced so that the insights and benefits can be taken back into the organisation. An optional additional module can be provided in which participants are guided through a process where they explore the impact that their sense of place in their family of origin has on their leadership authority.

4. Systemic coaching

We are a small team of highly experienced executive coaches and bring to our coaching practice all the systemic insights and processes that this approach is guided by and offers. Coaching is available for leaders across all business sectors and will include the application of one-to-one constellations as appropriate.


The regular introductory workshops (1 above) provide a good ¡®taster¡¯ of the practical application of systems thinking and constellations in business, leadership and other organisational contexts together with opportunities to explore and illuminate a wide range of challenging issues. These open workshops include leaders and those that work with them in an eclectic mix of people, issues and resolutions. To make an enquiry or to reserve a place on the next open workshop please click here: CONTACT page. The workshops provide a good way of understanding the underlying principles as well as seeing the work in practice and gauging if you would like to explore applying the approach in your organisation or coaching practice.


Whether your interest is in an introductory open workshop or a more substantial workshop or coaching intervention you are free to browse this site and contact us when you have questions or are ready for more.


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